Teens and young adults can prepare for their wisdom teeth removal by following the guidelines listed below:

  • AVOID eating or drinking after midnight prior to surgery. This is for your safety. The risk of administering anesthesia on a “full stomach” is regurgitation which could cause it to back up and block your airway. This is a very serious complication that we do not want to risk. 
  • Make sure you tell us about all medication you take including over-the-counter medications or supplements. This will help us avoid unpleasant or dangerous interactions with anesthesia.
  • Be upfront about any recreational drug and alcohol use. It can greatly influence how you react to the sedation.
  • No smoking for 12 hours prior to surgery. Better yet, quit for good!
  • Prepare your room at home with charged electronics, comfy pillows and blankets. You will be resting for a couple of days, so make the most of it.
  • Stock up on the right food to eat when you return home. Ice cream, smoothies, mashed potatoes and other soft foods are great options for your post wisdom tooth removal diet.

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